About IMEM

The IMEM program at Tsinghua was based on many years of success of the domestic MEM education program, which trained Chinese engineering management talents. IMEM is tailored to meet the demands of global engineering projects in the globalization context.

The program is the first of its kind in China. It is unique among graduate programs in terms of its flexibility, multidisciplinary curriculum and opportunities of cross-cultural communication and collaboration.

Ø  Multidisciplinary curriculum: combining state-of-the-art engineering advancements, industry leading knowledge in management, and training in business, finance, information technology, culture and related areas.

Ø  Chinese perspective: well-designed immersion class and internship provide students with visits and hands-on practices in a cross-cultural context, to improve teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

Ø  Sino-Foreign Cooperative Graduate Education: professors from prestigious universities internationally will jointly cultivate IMEM students.

Ø  Flexible study options: MOOC courses are available for certain core courses, offering greater schedule flexibility for students.

Ø  MEM Assistantship: IMEM students are eligible for MEM Assistantship, which will promote their interaction with the MEM program students, improve their Chinese and cross-cultural communication skills.

In addition, Scholarship is available, based on needs and merits.

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