About IMEM

Education is a Journey, Not a Race. You will grow yourself in Tsinghua and it will be the best decision for you to join IMEM.

------Hassan Raza  2017IMEM

Tsinghua University is a place where great minds collide and great ideas turn into reality. We are well known for many things, academic rigor, scholastic excellence, and our sports tradition among others. But most importantly, Tsinghua aspire students to strive for greatness, regardless of their background. There are numerous opportunities and resources on campus, including academic events from various disciplines, student associations and start-up incubators. They are there for you, to learn, to grow, and to achieve your dreams. Whatever path you choose, know that IMEM staff and classmates are here to help. In the meanwhile, keep improving your Chinese language skills, you will see a bigger world because of it.

-------Alex Bochao Han  2017IMEM

The IMEM program gives me the opportunity to build on my engineering knowledge and develop management skills while expanding professional network through a two-year Master’s at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Offered by such prestigious university in China, this program provides the perfect environment for intellectual engagement, professional development and cultural exchange, where we learn from others who come from diverse cultures and backgrounds, while also pursuing academic and professional excellence.

-------Alex Wui-Kiat Soon  2017IMEM

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