About IMEM

In 2010, the Ministry of Education of China initiated the professional master degree program of engineering management, in order to meet the great and urgent demands for talents, to serve the rapid developments of modern engineering. In 2012, the first cohort of 70 students were admitted to the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program of Tsinghua University. The number of enrollments has been growing year by year ever since. In 2015, the MEM Education Center, which manages and operates the program was established. In 2016, the MEM Education Center launched the international Master of Engineering Management (IMEM) program. 

MEM is a 2-year professional degree program. It was based on many years of success of the domestic MEM (Master of Engineering Management) education program, which trained Chinese engineering management talents. IMEM is tailored to meet the talents demands of global engineering projects in the globalization context. IMEM prepares engineers and technical specialists for the technology leadership or industry management in global engineering projects. Through a multidisciplinary education integrating engineering, management, business, IT with on-site practice, internship and monographic study, IMEM expands students’ vision, improves their management skills, and integrates their engineering, business and technical knowledge with global vision and Chinese perspectives.

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