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 (The opening ceremony and reception dinner of IMEM 2019)

On 4th of September 2019, students from the International Master of Engineering Management (IMEM) program including the new cohort for the year of 2019 attended the reception dinner at Wenjin International Hotel. The students and some distinguished guests were well-dressed during the reception dinner with full of excitement and joy. It was a great moment where many young people with diverse backgrounds were able to stay together and get ready to embark their next two years of the academic journey. In today’s world, the act of intercultural communication becomes the next important key factor to succeed in life.  The IMEM program is well fit to provide such an international learning environment with Chinese perspectives.

For the new cohort, there are 18 new students from 16 countries joining the IMEM program this year. The reception dinner began with the opening speech by Prof Kaibo Wang, Associate Dean of Graduate School, followed by Assoc. Prof. Liang Ma and Prof. Mingyang (Eric) Wang. After that, Mr. Mishu from Romania represented IMEM 2018 cohort to give his speech regarding China and its successful industrial development. He advised all students to take this opportunity to explore the other parts of Beijing such as Dong Cheng as well as visiting some other beautiful temples and historical monuments to further deepen our understanding on China.

(Mr. Swan from Netherland, the representative of IMEM 2019)

Mr. Sven from Netherland represented IMEM 2019 cohort to give a speech during the reception dinner. He shared his personal experience as he visited a shipbuilding yard at Shanghai and he was deeply impressed by China’s capability in shipbuilding technologies. Mr. Sven mentioned that China is becoming increasingly crucial in the world stage and therefore it will be great to learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture. All students from 2019 cohort were given the opportunity to introduce themselves.

The final speech was given by Prof. Wei Zhang, Director of Tsinghua MEM Education Center. He sent his compliments to all the IMEM students from cohort 2019 as this program practices a high standard of admission procedure with competitive selection. Prof. Wei Zhang also emphasised the importance of this program as the students will be playing significant roles to bridge the gap between China and their home countries. With good knowledge of how China works particularly from industrial perspectives, they can have a better engagement with China.  

(Group photo for the IMEM 2019 cohort)

The reception dinner was very successful as all students from different countries were able to mingle with each other as well as enjoy the night.

Reported by Kang Wee Shuien  (IMEM 2019, Malaysia)


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